Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm Back

Ok!!! I am back!!!!!

So, today I get on the computer at work and decide to go ahead and start a blog. I have a youtube channel, TheCharNicole, but I was like, "What the heck. Let's do this too!" So, as I sign up, it says that I already have an account, and low and behold, my email addy pops up. I started a blog 2 whole years ago!!!! Wow. Really? Smh. I have no idea why I didn't follow through with it but I am back now, and I am ready to blog!!!

Hopefully, I will start to make time to both blog and vlog, but most likely it will be more blogging! It is just easier for me to type and post pics, than to film vids. Yeesh! I have no idea how the youtubers do it, but I do know I am trying to get on the youtube video bloggers' level.

WOW! I have come a long way from wanting to be natural. I am a natural queen now!!!!! Because I have 4C type hair, I have alot of what I like to call "shrinkage." But my hair has grown. I will post pics soon.

So, yea. Look forward to pics and some fashion posts as well. I will hopefully talk to you sooner than later!!!

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